Apply for the International Sales and Marketing course in Esbjerg and get ready for a job in international relations, business development and sales.
International Sales & Marketing

International Sales & Marketing

1.5 years
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4. December 2020

The International Sales and Marketing course builds on the Marketing Management course. The course gives you the ability to understand and conduct international trade.

You are taught sales, trade and marketing furthermore you learn law, economics and management within international trade and collaboration.

When you have completed the International Sales and Marketing course you are qualified to work in jobs within marketing, sales and export. You can find a job as a manager, coordinator or project manager according to your specialities and interests.

The International Sales and Marketing course takes one and a half years and has three semesters.

Your subject in Semester One is Sales Planning

  • Focus on the customer
  • Industry and competition
  • Innovation
  • Semester project
  • Method and Theory of Science

Your subject in Semester Two is Business Development in an International Perspective

  • Development of foundations for sales success
  • Full implementation of sales
  • Implementation and follow-up
  • Semester project

You have an internship and a main assignment in Semester Three.


You have an internship in Semester Three. You decide yourself if this is with a company in Denmark or with a company abroad.


At Business Academy SouthWest you have the opportunity to go abroad as a part of your education. You can choose between studying abroad for a semester or doing your internship abroad. Read more here


You find the book list for International Sales & Marketing at our platform Moodle.

You can immediately be admitted to the International Sales and Marketing course if you have completed the AP degree Marketing Management course.

If we receive applications from more qualified applicants than we can admit to this programme, we will select the best qualified applicants based on an assessment of the following criteria:

  • Grades from the applicants AP degree
  • Grade from the final exam of the AP degree
  • English skills
  • Relevant work experience

If you hold a similar degree from another country, your application will go through an individual assessment, where the content of your degree will be compared to our AP degrees.

When you have completed the International Sales and Marketing course you are qualified to find a job with a large or a small company as a manager or coordinator within marketing, sales or export. For example, you can get a position as a:

  • Project manager
  • Key account manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager

Further training

When you have completed the International Sales and Marketing Professional Bachelor degree you can go on to a Business Economics Master’s degree, a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree or another relevant Master’s degree

SU (State education grant) for foreign citizens (students)

If you are a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive the state educational grant (SU).

You can read more about it at

SU (State education grant) for Danish citizens (students)

While you are studying, you are eligible for SU. You can apply for this when you have been admitted to the education, but you should be aware that you cannot apply for SU until one month prior to the month from which you are eligible to receive your SU. If you begin your education later than the 20th in the month, you are eligible to SU from the following month. This means that if your begin your education on August 21st or later, then you are not eligible for SU until the month of September.

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