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For companies

As a company you have good opportunities for obtaining new competencies, ideas and knowledge by working with Business Academy Southwest. We constantly seek to develop this collaboration to the benefit of companies and students, and you are always welcome to contact us, so we can discuss various ideas that you might find interesting.

You can benefit from new knowledge by offering a student an internship since all students at Business Academy Southwest go on internships as a part of their training. We know from experience that this partnership creates value for both students and companies.

If you have not had a student on an internship before, we recommend that you read the information below. However you are also very welcome to contact us, and we will help you find a student.


If you are considering offering an internship to a student, you must decide what kind of professional challenges with which you are going to present your intern. If you are in doubt about whether the tasks you might like an intern to work with are appropriate, you are welcome to talk to us.

The student will automatically be covered by your company’s work injury insurance and you have no obligations in terms of pay, because our students are entitled to a grant in the internship period.

An introduction period is, of course, necessary (typically one to two weeks), but we know from experience that most students become independent after this period. You decide yourself if you would like to have only one intern or if you would like to have more than one. The internship period is 10 weeks as a minimum, although the Constructing Architect course has an internship period of 20 weeks. An internship is usually 37 hours a week.

Often most the student will write his or her final assignment in relation to the internship with the company.



Work place internship
The typical internship is characterised by the fact that the student works in the company and takes part in the everyday life of the company.

Project internship
A project internship is characterised by a project process where your company works with one or several students – possibly across courses. The project may be about the solution of a concrete assignment that you define together. This model does not mean that the students necessarily have to be present in the company every day. The partnership works on the basis of continual meetings and briefings via emails.

International internship
It is our aim that more students should go on an internship while they are studying. We encourage and support students who take an interest in internships abroad. We have partners in several locations in the world, but we are always looking for new opportunities. If your company has departments or partners abroad, you can give our students the opportunity to add international competences to their CVs.

International STUDENTS

We’ve got students from more than 30 countries, whom might be able to bring a new culture or language to your company.

Contact and cooperation with small- to medium big companies is fundamental for our education, in all of our courses. Therefore we offer various opportunities of cooperation between professional life, students and lectors. 

Innovation camps

Does your company have a challenge that requires an innovative solution? Your company can formulate an assignment for our students through an innovation camp, where the students will finally present their suggestions of how the challenge can be solved. An innovation camp will typically last for 1-2 days. On the camp the students will be guided through processes of innovation by our innovation developers.

The focus of camps vary. Some focus on the creative phase, where the students work with a problem that has already been formulated, for instance by a company or a research institute. Others decide to focus more specifically on the innovative process and the development of a concept, typically a business concept, that in principle can be implemented subsequently. The implementation in itself is rarely a part of the camp. We expect that the participating company themselves get involved and provide prizes for the winners.


At Business Academy Southwest our lectors and students participate in both small and big national as well as international projects. The purpose is to generate new knowledge, which can be included in the courses, and simultaneously reaches small- and mediumlarge companies. It is both possible to be included in existing projects or to help develop new ideas for projects.


We know, from experience, that our students learn much more, when they have to solve specific assignments for a “customer”. This is why you can get help to solve a smaller assignment, as opposed to us using your challenge as a end of semester assignment or an exam project. In collaboration with one or more lectors you state the assignment to the students, which they then get a specific period to solve the stated challenge, subsequently they present their results. You are welcome to reach out to one of our heads of clusters, if you have an idea for a case.

Cooperation with lectors

You also have the opportunity to cooperate with our lectors on a project. Find the lectors on our contact page.

Keep yourself and your staff updated on the newest knowledge and have new competences added to your company.

Business Academy Southwest offers a wide range of further training courses at academy and diploma level primarily in Danish. We also develop tailor-made, new courses in partnership with your company.


— Learn why Blue Water are pleased with their partnership with Business Academy Southwest


Are you looking for a student for an internship, a student job or a project or would you like to employ a recently qualified person?

We are pleased to help you and our students get into contact through our job portal jobportal.easv.dk, where you can post student jobs, internships, projects or jobs for people who have recently qualified.

You should know that Business Academy Southwest has several courses in English. If your company requires staff with knowledge of the language and the culture in a given country, there are good opportunities for benefitting from a member of staff who has new knowledge and cultural competences.

If you are in any doubt, you are very welcome to contact us.