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Press & Downloads

This is where you can find contact info and download press photos and logos. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to interview some of our staff or students. We will help you find the people you are looking for.


Press Photos

Press photos may be used for editorial purposes on condition that Business Academy Southwest is credited.

Please contact us if you need other types of photos; we will try to help you. Or you can take a look at flickr.com/easv.

The photo files open under a new tab. Notice that the photos below have been cropped and are different from the originals.

 Business Academy SouthWest Esbjerg

 Academy SouthWest Sønderborg (Alsion)

 Academy SouthWest Sønderborg (Alsion)

 Students in Esbjerg

 Teaching in Esbjerg

 Teaching in Sønderborg

 Students in Sønderborg



You are welcome to download our logo for use in projects where Business Academy Southwest is involved or for editorial purposes.

You may not add other graphic elements or make any changes to the logo’s colour or shape. You are permitted to scale the logo up or down as long as the proportions are kept intact.

All logos open under a new tab in your browser when you click on the link. Then make a right-click on the logo and save it on your own computer. You can also download the zip file.

Use the negative version of the logo on coloured backgrounds.

Logo with Danish text

Download zip file with all files






Logo with English text

Download zip file with all files






*You may not use the logo in connection with purposes, activities or events that are not in keeping with Business Academy Southwest’s values and you may never use the logo for illegal purposes or for purposes that offend the public.