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Better Use of Construction Waste

Better Use of Construction Waste

Architectural & Technology

Demolition and renovation of buildings create large amounts of waste in Denmark every year. The major part of the waste consists of construction materials that can be recycled or made useful in connection with new construction projects or in relation to other purposes.

The aim of the project is to bring about new knowledge and innovative solutions in small and medium-size companies that are involved in demolition and reconstruction. It is technically possible to use a large part of the reusable construction material in connection with, for example, construction of new buildings. The project is a part of the town development strategy for Kolding.

Our role in the project

Business Academy Southwest takes part in the project with tutors and students from the academy’s construction courses.

We participate in the parts of the project that you see below (can be adapted continually in the project process):

  • Registration of demolition building (measurement, 3D Revit model and registration of materials)
  • Description of the project’s technical implementation (who does what, time schedule, etc.)
  • Tender material for demolition work (drawings, material lists, descriptions, time schedule for tender)
  • Possible ways of reusing demolition materials

Buildings for teaching

About the project

Better Use of Construction Waste is a three-year project that is supported by the EU. The partners behind the project are Design School Kolding, Business Kolding, Kolding Municipality and Business Academy SouthWest.