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Labour of the Future

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The project Labour of the Future is a three-year development process where Business Academy Southwest works with job centres, professional organisations, local business organisations, VEU centres (further training) and Business Region Esbjerg and helps them upskill their staff for them to meet the requirements of the labour market of the future.

The aim is for 110 small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to take part in the project. 85 unskilled people are to obtain a qualification and 120 skilled people are to obtain a technical qualification at academy level or higher.

The project Labour of the Future is aimed at SMEs within the industries below:

  • Metalworking within industry and offshore
  • Energy technology, automation and operation
  • Process industry – plastic, food, chemistry, construction materials, packaging, etc.
  • Timber industry

Labour of the Future will provide consultants who can establish what the competence level in your company is and act as a sparring partner in terms of how your staff may improve professionally and personally and have their eyes opened to new everyday opportunities. The subsequent course consists of modules and will only insignificantly affect your production or not affect it at all.

Dan Meinertz Petersen
Project Manager

The project

The project is supported by South Danish Growth Forum and the European Social Fund and takes place in the following municipalities: Esbjerg, Fano, Haderslev, Tonder, Sonderborg, Varde and Aabenraa.

Analyses from, among others, Danish Regions and The Economic Council of the Labour Movement show that there will be a large surplus of unskilled labourers in 2020 because their jobs keep vanishing and because there is a need for upskilling also skilled labourers. The project gives unskilled labourers the chance to become skilled labourers and skilled labourers get the chance to obtain academy level qualifications within the technical field – a double competence lift.

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Find the complete project description at EAviden.dk

Read more

Find the complete project description at EAviden.dk.

See the project’s website, Labour of the Future (primarily targeted at project participants). fremtidensarbejdskraft.dk.