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Welcome to all our new students

Welcome to all our new students


Welcome to Business Academy SouthWest.

We know there are many things you need to think about as a fresh student such as new tutors, classmates and a lot of practical stuff. That is why we are giving you a great deal of information below that we hope will help you when you begin studying. You have to sort out all the practical things, but it is also important that you make an effort to get to know your classmates and that you take part in the freshers’ party. We know from experience that you will enjoy your studies a lot if you have good classmates whom you can use as sparring partners and relax with in the breaks.

Make sure you get the books
You should make sure to get the teaching materials that your tutors recommend, so you can follow our teaching from the beginning. You can try out our Facebook group for second-hand books or pensum.dk.

On your first day of study you will be given a user name and a login for Office365. This will give you access to the Microsoft Office package and the teaching materials that your tutors upload. If you forget your password, you can get a new one by sending a text message to 30445624, where you write either password or code word (without “”).

Student services
Under Student Services we have placed some functions that do not directly have to do with your lessons and study work. Instead, you can get student counselling and help with your student grant, IT, your internship and time spent abroad all the way through the time you are studying with us. You will find Student Services here.

Social media
Follow Business Academy Southwest at Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. See also The basement – the Friday bar in Esbjerg.