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Higher education is an option even after the age of 30

Higher education is an option even after the age of 30


Even though Maya Kostov came to Denmark with a master’s degree in Commercial and Financial Mediation from the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria she soon realized that she lacked both the language skills and work experience necessary to find a job. So, at the age of 33 she joined the professional bachelor’s programme in International Sales & Marketing at EASV. This led directly to her current job at a global company.

Maya Kostov came to Denmark from Bulgaria looking for a change and a job that would match her interests and qualifications. The latter turned out to be difficult without being able to speak Danish and without any work experience with her newly earned Bulgarian master’s degree.

Helpful teachers and relevant teaching

So, Maya Kostov went straight to school, and spent three years learning Danish at night while working full time during the day. After another couple of years in school and two maternity leaves she felt ready to start a professional bachelor’s programme at EASV. This turned out to be perhaps the biggest change she would experience.

I was very happy with the business academy, especially the teachers. They were always easy to reach, and you could always call on them for advice and counseling. In fact, one my teachers also helped me find an internship.

Maya Kostov
Sales Coordinator at AH Industries in Ribe and former student at International Sales & Marketing

This was very different from what she had previously experienced in the Bulgarian educational system, and so was the actual teaching.

“Doing a lot of assignments and presentations was really useful and visiting different kinds of companies in the area gave me a lot of insight into working life in Denmark,” she adds.

Working at a global company

A friend who had previously studied at EASV and gone on to get a job led Maya Kostov to EASV, and the exact thing happened for her after finishing her professional bachelor’s degree. She now works at AH Industries in the town of Ribe, a company that delivers steel and metal solutions and components to heavy industries such as wind and mining.

“I serve as the direct link between the customer and the company handling both orders, complaints and calculations, and I am also responsible for my own customer portfolio,” she explains.

Maya Kostov chose an English EASV bachelor’s programme specifically because she wanted to find work in an international company. And that’s exactly what she got only two months after graduating EASV. She has a strong message for others considering a higher education at a mature age.

“I consider myself a good example that you can find value in studying further even though you have already completed one higher education. Being over 30 is by no means an obstacle either,” she adds.

About the program

The International Sales and Marketing course builds on the Marketing Management course. The course gives you the ability to understand and conduct international trade.

Read more about the program here.