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International environment drew Botond to EASV

International environment drew Botond to EASV


After graduating high school and studying for one year at university in Romania, Botond Lakatos started looking for new challenges in an international environment. He found exactly that, and more, at EASV. He now holds a professional bachelor’s degree and works as a Sales & Project Manager.

It was no coincidence that Botond Lakatos decided to attend EASV. When he was in high school in Romania representatives from Denmark visited his school presenting different opportunities in the Danish educational system. Furthermore, his father worked in Scandinavia, and his stories got Botond Lakatos interested in Nordic cultures, history and way of life.

“The presentations about the Danish educational programs were really appealing to me and I found my father’s stories fascinating. So I decided to leave university and Romania to go study at EASV,” he says.

Freedom to decide and good guidance

That turned out to be a good idea, not least because of the international studying environment he found at EASV. Botond Lakatos first took his business academy degree in Marketing Economics and then went on to take his professional bachelor’s degree in International Sales & Marketing.

I really enjoyed my time at EASV. The atmosphere was more relaxed than it was at the university, and there was more focus on teamwork. Furthermore, the teachers and the school in general are very open minded and let you work with your own ideas. You have a lot of freedom to decide what you want to do, but you still get very close and useful guidance from the teachers.

Botond Lakatos
Sales & Project Manager at Niels Winther Maritime in Esbjerg and former student at International Sales & Marketing

From international education to international job

Actually, one of his teachers even pointed him in the direction of the company at which he has worked ever since he graduated EASV. While he was finishing his professional bachelor’s degree Botond Lakatos started working part time at Niels Winther Maritime, part of the international SDK Group, in Esbjerg, and after graduation he got a full-time job there.

He is now a Project & Sales Manager, working with the offshore industry which is exactly what he became interested in during his time at EASV.

“I work with port agency services for international companies that have vessels in Danish ports working on offshore projects around the country. Much like EASV this is an international environment with a lot of different opportunities. I am very happy here, and I have no plans to change that and move anywhere else any time soon,” he concludes.

About the program

The International Sales and Marketing course builds on the Marketing Management course. The course gives you the ability to understand and conduct international trade.

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