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Mohsen from Iran chose Denmark and EASV based on a good reputation

Mohsen from Iran chose Denmark and EASV based on a good reputation


Mohsen Ghahremani felt very welcome when he moved from Iran to Denmark to study Software Development at EASV in Esbjerg. Apart from high expectations of the Danish IT and educational environment, he also brought along plenty of educational and work experience from Iran. This experience got him off to a good start at EASV and on to a permanent job in Esbjerg.

In many ways, it is a long way from Tehran to Esbjerg. Nevertheless, Mohsen Gharemani decided to take the plunge almost four years ago. He had studied programming in Iran and had several years of practical work experience but he needed a change in life and wanted to extend his professional skills.

“I knew that Denmark has some of the best software developers in the world, and I wanted to use my knowledge of English to extend my professional skills even more by being part of an international study environment. That is why I enrolled in the professional bachelor course at EASV in Esbjerg”, he says.

A fantastic welcome and plenty of assistance at EASV

Mohsen Gharemani was overwhelmed by the welcome and all the help that he received, first and foremost by the international department at EASV. All in all, he looks back at two years at the business academy with nothing but pure joy.

“I had a terrific and very helpful lecturer and a nice study group where we really got to know each other. EASV is a place where you can learn whatever you would like to learn and gain in-depth knowledge. This is a great advantage for practical people like me, and all the facilities are of a very good quality”, Mohsen Gharemani continues.

Top marks resulted in scholarship

Consumer prices were one of the main challenges that he encountered here in Denmark, so he felt a strong need to make an extra effort during his studies.

“Living in Denmark is expensive. I studied very hard in order to gain a scholarship, and as I had straight As, I finally got one during my last year of studies. Hard work pays off and the people at the academy are good at motivating the students”, he concludes.

Once he had graduated, Mohsen Gharemani got a job at the company Wellfaster™ in Esbjerg. Here, he has been working on developing the system “Virtual Training” which, amongst other things, assists people in staying motivated during their treatment and training processes.

I am a software developer at both the back-end and front-end of the system, and that has provided me with even more knowledge to add to my practical work experience.

Mohsen Gharemani
Software developer at Wellfaster™ in Esbjerg and former student at Software Development

Mohsen Gharemani lives in Esbjerg and he recently got married.

About the program

The Software Development course builds on your Computer Science course. This course is ideal for you if you have the ambition of designing and constructing large IT systems. You learn how to handle the back-end of large, distributed IT systems, based on large databases.

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