On the Software Development course in Esbjerg you work with design and construction of large, data-heavy distributed IT systems.
Software Developme’nt


1.5 years
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Next application deadline:
1. July 2024
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The Software Development course builds on your Computer Science course. This course is ideal for you if you have the ambition of designing and constructing large IT systems. You learn how to handle the back-end of large, distributed IT systems, based on large databases.

You get the knowledge that you need to handle large IT development projects and learn how to use various types of databases. You also learn how to develop existing systems. Finally, you learn how to handle and communicate, to other people, what the software development process is about.

The Software Development course takes one and a half years and builds on your Computer Science course.

The course has three semesters and comprises four national subject elements and a number of local subject elements. It also includes an internship and a final exam project.

The course includes the following subject areas:

  • Databases for Developers
  • Test
  • System Integration
  • Development of Large Systems
  • Local subject elements (electives)


If you are a full-time employed worker having some weekly spare hours you may consider following only one or two subjects. Taking only single courses will typically cost a fee per course. This way, you can follow only the courses needed to raise your competences to your and your company’s needs.

If you want to follow the part-time education, you can read more and sign up for the course here.

Note: To complete the top-up bachelor course, the entire programme must be completed within 3 years.


Your third semester includes an internship. You decide yourself if this is with a company in Denmark or with a company abroad.


At Business Academy SouthWest you have the opportunity to go abroad as a part of your education. You can choose between studying abroad for a semester or doing your internship abroad. Read more here

Academic regulations

  • Softwareudvikling 2015, Nr. 1

  • Softwareudvikling 2016, Nr. 1

  • Softwareudvikling 2018, Nr. 1

  • Softwareudvikling 2018, Nr. 2

  • Softwareudvikling 2018, Nr. 1

  • Software Development 2019, Nr. 1

  • Software Development 2020, Nr. 1

  • Software Development 2021, Nr. 1

  • Software Development 2023, Nr. 1

  • Software Development 2024, Nr. 1

Previous academic regulations can be requisitioned on request

If you would like to be admitted to the Software Development course, you must first have completed the Computer Science course.

Along with your application you must upload:

  • A certified copy of your AP Diploma and grade transcript.
  • A previous grade transcript (applicable for student graduating in January 2024).
  • A motivation Letter.
  • A copy of your passport or ID card.
  • A copy of your resident permit in Denmark, if applicable (for non-EU citizen).
  • Any additional documentation that you wish to be taken into consideration in the assessment of your application.

*For EASV in-house student – all you need is to upload your previous grade transcript where you can find it at https://ums.easv.dk/.

When you have completed the Software Development course you can find a job in the IT industry, for example in the development departments of companies, or you can find a job with a software company. You can also go for a career as a self-employed software developer.

The following are examples of jobs you can find after having completed your Software Development course:

  • Software Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • System Integrator
  • Software Architect

Further training

When you have completed the Software Development course you can apply to be admitted to a range of Master’s degrees within the IT field.

SU (State education grant) for foreign citizens (students)

If you are a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive the state educational grant (SU).

You can read more about it at SU.dk

SU (State education grant) for Danish citizens (students)

While you are studying, you are eligible for SU. You can apply for this when you have been admitted to the education, but you should be aware that you cannot apply for SU until one month prior to the month from which you are eligible to receive your SU. If you begin your education later than the 20th in the month, you are eligible to SU from the following month. This means that if your begin your education on August 21st or later, then you are not eligible for SU until the month of September.

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