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We describe here what we do to enhance quality and quality development at Business Academy Southwest. Our quality is developed in collaboration between students, tutors and the quality department.

The academy’s quality control system is the overall framework of our efforts into making sure the quality of our courses is high. This means good planning, continuous evaluation and following up on how the courses are developing. We focus on ensuring that we improve our efforts into quality improvement and that the results are ready to be used. We also emphasize that our work with quality is something to which all of us contribute.

In our work with quality we involve our students, our tutors and the companies and organisations that are to take on our students when they have completed their courses. All of them take part in evaluation and development of our courses locally and also participate in cross-disciplinary network collaborations with the other business academies about the development of national study programmes.

The rationale for Business Academy Southwest’s effort into quality is to bring about optimum conditions for our students’ learning, which is our cardinal purpose. We strive also to be an attractive educational institution for the companies and organisations that should benefit from employing the people who have studied with us. Our goal is to train our students to become as skilled as possible for them to be in high demand on the future labour market through their skills and innovative competences.

These are some of the key figures that are made public once a year in relation to all courses at Business Academy Southwest. Danish legislation requires that key figures are made accessible at educational institutions’ websites – cf. the law on transparency and openness of courses. Read more at: retsinformation.dk.

You will find additional figures and analyses concerning further training courses at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s website. Read more at ufm.dk

You can also take a look at pay levels and unemployment levels in relation to courses in all of Denmark and compare courses across the educational institutions at uddannelseszoom.dk.

See average figures on the time it takes to complete our courses. Completion rates are also available here.

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Student satisfaction

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Graduate Study 2020

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Employment Rates

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Quality policy

Evaluation of the education by external experts

Sub-policy for quality control of existing and new courses