The Multimedia Design and Communication course in Esbjerg or Sønderborg gives you competences within a wide range of digital and analogue media. You learn, for example, how to design websites and develop graphic design.
Multimedia Design & Communication
AP Degree

Multimedia Design & Communication

2 years
Start of term
Esbjerg /
Programme assessment
Next application deadline:
5. July 2018 (Quota 2/Foreign applicants: 15. March 2018)


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On the Multimedia Design and Communication course you are trained to perform communication tasks within digital and print media and you also learn how to develop and design web solutions.

Over the two years that the course spans over you work professionally with design and development of web solutions, games and mobile services, communication through social media, digital video, programming plus innovation and idea development.

You are given input to design interactive, digital multimedia products where you focus on users.

While you are on the course, you are in close contact with businesses, and companies will give you assignments and presentations.

The Multimedia Design and Communication course is a two-year further training course with four semesters. The course comprises a combination of creative, communication and digital subjects where marketing and web design are the focal points. In addition, the course involves electives, an internship and a final main assignment.

The course has four core subjects:

  • Design & visualisation
  • Communication
  • Development of interaction
  • Companies


You have an internship in Semester Three. You decide yourself if this is with a company in Denmark or with a company abroad

Academic regulations

Previous curricula can be obtained by contacting the academy.

You must have completed one of the following courses to be admitted to the Multimedia Design and Communication course:

  • A-levels or a high school diploma, Higher Preparatory Examination Course, Higher Commercial Examination, Higher Technical Examination or a combined vocational and general upper secondary education
  • One of the following vocational training courses:
    • Film and TV Production (level 2)
    • Photographer
    • Media Graphic Designer (level 2)
    • Technical Designer
    • Sign Technician
    • Digital Media
    • Graphic Technician
    • The Data and Communication course (including specialities)
  • Vocational training of at least three years’ duration
  • Entrance exam for the engineering courses

Notice: you must have passed English level C plus either maths level C, Business Economics or Managerial Economics level C.


Please read about our admission process for international students in Incoming Full Degree Students.

The Multimedia Design and Communication course qualifies you for a range of different jobs with small or medium-sized enterprises or with media or advertising agencies.

Listed below are examples of the jobs that you can find:

  • A job with an advertising or media agency
  • Web Designer
  • Web Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • SoMe Editor
  • Project Management

Further training

When you have completed the Multimedia Design and Communication course you can apply to be admitted to top-up professional Bachelor degrees – for example:

SU (State education grant) for foreign citizens (students)

If you are a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive the state educational grant (SU).

You can read more about it at

SU (State education grant) for Danish citizens (students)

While you are studying, you are eligible for SU. You can apply for this when you have been admitted to the education, but you should be aware that you cannot apply for SU until one month prior to the month from which you are eligible to receive your SU. If you begin your education later than the 20th in the month, you are eligible to SU from the following month. This means that if your begin your education on August 21st or later, then you are not eligible for SU until the month of September.

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